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Ways to be (yourself with us)

Rinascimento's web magazine, dedicated to women who want to express, learn and inspire.

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Corporate Storytelling

The magazine's three sections - express, inspire and learn - feature alternating articles that accompany readers on their discovery of Rinascimento, with stories, style tips and reports.



  • Storyline
  • Strategy
  • UX/UI
  • Design
  • Content production


The challenge

Accompanying Rinascimento on a path that positions it as a lifestyle brand, building a narrative that strengthens the emotional connection with the community. Then, combine the business needs and editorial approach within a single content strategy.

The solution

To reappropriate the narrative and strengthen the perceived Brand, we created a magazine with an impactful visual ID and non-product-centric editorial plans. The content is designed to enhance the representative messages of Renaissance and its all-around identity, within an editorial plan that also supports B2C KPIs. Creative formats such as interviews, videos and long-forms make the narrative dynamic and enjoyable for the end users.

cellulare in mano con schermata articolo Rinascimento

Series of video interviews with 4 Rinascimento store managers, to tell their story, their work and the company from the inside

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